Do you offer digitals?

You bet! I LOVE sharing on social media and I know many of my clients do, too! I offer digital packages that can be added on PLUS with every wall art, album, or print box you will receive social media digitals of those images included.


Are there payment plans available?

Definitely. There are several options based on your preferences that can be discussed at booking or your Product Selection.


My dog can't be off leash and I'm worried they won't behave. Can we still get good pictures?

Absolutely, YES! Leashes will be edited out so that your pup is safe during our session, but still looks incredible for their close up! Do you have a shy or nervous pet? That's ok, too! I will use my longer lens after we get acquainted with each other (plus eat some yummy treats!) so they don't feel the pressure and are their best selves.


Where do I begin with prepping for my session?

Don't worry, you will get a detailed guide with my top tips when you book your session! Our sessions are laid back and relaxed, so there is no need to stress. These images are detailed, so the cleaner the better! Groom your horse like you are going to a show, make that tack shine, and break out your favorite outfits (or ask about my access to AMAZING rentals!)


What about those images I see of the horses without halters or bridles? I love this look, but there is no way I trust my horse that much!

I've got you covered! I love the clean, tackless look, too and that is exactly why I have a specialty halter and lead! It is made specifically for this purpose, but is still strong enough to lunge on.


I have something completely different in mind for a session that isn't listed, is it possible to do?

Most likely YES! Contact me so that we can discuss your exact vision and how to make it reality!